Advice on Body Image

March 25, 2014

Are you as happy and fulfilled as you deserve to be? Do you ask yourself, what’s wrong with me when you go to the gym, or do some sort of physical activity?


Often, we tend to judge ourselves, based purely upon what society demands us to look like. The fact of the matter is, who cares what people think, are they living in your body? Do they experience life through your eyes? Of course not, so who are they to judge you and the way you look?


Body Image today is so confusing for some, for other’s its scary and frustrating. Especially, young teenagers. I myself, find it a little overwhelming because what is portrayed on Television/Magazines/Hollywood/etc is so superficial that it’s hard to even understand, how people can get sucked into, the false image of what the physical body should look like.


We all agree that Ken and Barbie aren’t real, yet for some unknown reason, models/movie stars/singers/ and whatever else is being marketed for society to buy into, just continues to grow.


As a fitness physique competitor, I’m always amazed to see, how Hollywood portrays people that have muscle on their bodies. They view it, like it’s unacceptable for men and women to actually look healthy. When in reality, it takes a lot more effort and hard work, to have a muscular physique. I’m not talking the she-man’s out there, or the men that look like they’re about to pop out of their skin, just a normal size person, who has a nice toned body.


Who doesn’t want that right? All it takes is commitment, discipline, perseverance, support from family and friends and most importantly time for you.


So think about the 5 words that start with W:



Who: well that’s you

When: is there a specific time you want to start your new program?

What: what kind of fitness program are you interested in?

Why: why do you want to do this?

Where: where have you decided to go for your fitness program?











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